About the Mark Degree

Mark-jewelThere are several paths open to the Master Mason who wishes to pursue his knowledge of Freemasonry beyond the initial three Craft degrees. The Mark degree is one of the oldest of the “side” degrees, incorporating some of the themes found in Freemasonry as it was practised before the 18th Century and which, in England, disappeared from the modern Craft degrees.

Its origins are uncertain but it was certainly being worked in England in the 18th century, and is now worked all over the world, though not always within the same institutional framework. In Belgium the Mark Lodges come under the jurisdiction of the Grand Lodge of Mark Master Masons of England and Wales and its Districts and Lodges Overseas. This in itself confers a particularly English flavour on an already rich variety of Masonic workings on offer in Belgium, and provides yet another view of Freemasonry to those seeking to advance their Masonic experience.

The appeal of the Mark degree lies in the fact that some aspects and lessons of the Craft degrees become clearer in the Mark degree, which is not only a true craftman’s degree but also dramatically conveys essential lessons about life. Mark Freemasonry is also appreciated for its contribution to all kinds of charity.

The ceremony of Advancement to the Mark degree is compelling with the Candidate playing an active role in the proceedings designed to reinforce to him the value of remaining true to oneself in overcoming the disappointments and unfairness so often evident in life, and in being confident in the knowledge that right will eventually prevail.

Mark Freemasonry in Belgium